Inception Report – January 2017

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Inception Report – January 2017
Posted on March 25th, 2017

The TSUNAMI project aims to provide solid evidence on the effectiveness of an active labour market policy targeted at unemployed with mental illness. People participating in TSUNAMI are provided with a complex series of services, which last up to 11 months, mainly based on job coaching and the activation of internships.

The project will take place in Piemonte, in the north-west of Italy, and should involve about 500 workers. Participants will be recruited from the inflow (between the end of 2016 and the half of 2018) of people enrolling at Public Employment Service (PES) offices as unemployed.

In the inception report we describe the main features of the project, providing further details on its contents and on the steps undertaken so far. The report is organized as follows: in the first section we describe the characteristics of the intervention in terms of contents and implementation strategy; in the second section we provide more details on the evaluation design, focusing on the details of the randomization scheme that will be adopted for selecting the treated.