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Agenzia Piemonte Lavoro

The Agenzia Piemonte Lavoro (APL) is the Public Agency for Labour Market of the Piedmont Region based in Turin, Italy. It was established by Regional Law No. 41 in 1998 to contribute to the development and monitoring the regional labour market. In 2015 the Regional Law No. 23 assigned to APL a new task, the coordination and the management the activities of the 30 Public Employment Services (PES) of Piedmont Region. The Agency is responsible of the implementation of active labour market policy measures, is promoting active policies aimed at unemployed people, with special focus on young people, migrants, disabled persons.The specific role played in this project is connected with the 15 PES offices selected for TSUNAMI.

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ASVAPP is an evaluation center that helps improve policy and decision making through evidence-based research and analysis. Our mission is to strengthen the role of program evaluation in the public administration and to ensure that evidence informs public policy and program implementation. ASVAPP will conduct all the activities connected to the evaluation of TSUNAMI.

Stichting Economie en Cultuur

The aim of the Foundation Economie & Cultuur is to develop and spread knowledge in the filed of cultural economics. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the particular challenges that we encounter in the interface between society and the economy and to diffuse knowledge on the new insights that research in various disciplines generates. The foundation builds its knowledge base on the expertise of its members as scholars working at Erasmus University.


In 2001, in order to achieve better integration and more Corporate Social Responsibility in the labour market, Adecco Italy launched the Adecco Foundation for Equal Opportunities for a new approach to reintegrating people at risk of social exclusion. The role in TSUNAMIproject: recruiting and training process for the job coaches, definition of the final intervention protocol, implementation of the job coaches networking.



inforcoop is an organization specialized in the delivery of job training, counseling and placement services to disadvantaged individuals. Forcoop’s staff are trained professionals and provide comprehensive vocational assessment and support services to people that are disadvantaged for any social or individual reason.

EXAR Social Value Solutions

Exar is a social enterprise, operating in Piedmont Italy, engaged in developing services and projects on employability and labour policies, as well as diversity management advisory.
Exar, through a close combination of expertise in welfare issues, social inclusion and job services, promotes a wide range of activities and high social content solutions for local development, public administration, companies and employers. Exar within Tsunami project carries out job coaching management.

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Regione Piemonte

The Piedmont regional government is involved in the TSUNAMI project through its Social Cohesion Department, which is enganged in designing and managing interventions in several fields, including labour and social inclusion. In the TSUNAMI Project they play the double role of both partnership’s coordination for financial and administrative tasks, and interaction with the EU for general project management.